5 of our favourite interior design trends of 2023

5 of our favourite interior design trends of 2023

2023 and well underway and we’ve been enjoying some great styles and trends so far. Here are 5 of our favourite interior design trends of 2023, and how they can be used to transform your holiday home.

Photo: Three Birds Renovations

Photo: ABI Interiors

Curves and arches

We continue to see arches used in interior design through doorways, windows, mirrors and recessed walls. There is also a strong trend of curved furniture and décor in 2023 that is seeing more organic shaped mirrors, vases and lamps coming to the forefront, as well as curved couches, occasional chairs and headboards.

This trend excites us as curves allow the room to appear softer and more homely. We specialise in holiday home interior styling, so we are always looking for ways to make guests feel at home in a holiday rental. Adding beautiful, curved pieces to a holiday home is a great way to ensure guests find the space comfortable and inviting.

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70's Style

We love the 70’s vibes that continues to remain popular, with bold colours, rattan materials and maximalism – there is a lot to have fun with!

Coastal holiday homes lend themselves to rattan furniture and homewares, so coupling this with bold accent colours gives a lovely lift to any property. It can also give the home a personality of it’s own and help it stand out from other available rentals. With a 70’s style you can keep to one main accent throughout the home, your could opt for mustard, rust or olive greens. Or, mix it up with different accent colours in each room that spark different moods.

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Warm Neutrals

We will always have a soft spot for neutrals, so we’re glad this trend is here to stay! We are seeing a shift from cooler, grey tones and a move towards of warm, earthy tones such as taupe and caramel. These colours lend themselves to a cosier atmosphere and can work with a variety of styles due to their versatility.

It’s important to match warm neutrals with warm accent colours and furniture throughout a home to ensure colour harmony and balance. If you’re planning on re-doing your interior walls in a warm white or beige, make sure you check it against your soft furnishings to ensure the colour tones match.

Photo: Three Birds Renovations

Photo: Michelle Johnson

Geometric patterns

There’s nothing we love more at the moment then a good checkered and striped pattern, whether they’re incorporated through cushions, flooring, rugs or artwork. Checkered and striped patterns are gold because although they are on trend now, they’re embedded in historical architecture, which means when the trend fades, it won’t look out of place – instead it will look classic.

If you’re not sure it matches your style but want to dip your toes, start small and see if you like it, incorporate some checkered or striped cushions (or both!) into your living room or bedroom and go from there!

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Photo: Linen House

Mixed materials and textures

Adding another element of fun into interior design world this year is the use of mixed materials and textures. We are seeing more and more spaces with mismatched furniture that are tied together with colour or patterns. Through this trend we are also seeing a mix of contemporary pieces paired with retro styles that complement each other.

You can start playing around with this trend by layering different textures, use a shiny metal floor lamp in contrast with a tasselled rug, or a stone vase on a wooden shelf.